2022 Studio Pix, Gilbert Arizona

Control Room

Piano Room



Patch Bay







Small Studio in Lehi, Utah

Mixing, Editing, Writing, Light Tracking

Older Pix From Gilbert, Arizona Studio - 2006-2020-ish

(Larger Photos - Click Here -- See Video Clips)

Control Room Looking Into Main Studio

Control 24, Argosy Console, DynAudio Monitors,
API, True, Focusrite, Manley, Yamaha,
Proteus, HearTech, Patch Bay, Etc.

Main Studio (20' X 20')
With Yamaha DC7 (7 1/2 Foot Mark IV Disklavier)

Iso Room A (10' X 10')
(Vocals, Groups, Instrumentals, Drums)

The Couch. A Studio Needs a Couch.

The Collage
This photo was taken right after moving into the new studio, prior to the remodeling, 
with everything in one room. Even though it is not the final setup,
it is such a cool picture, I still keep it around. 
(Photo by Ray Guszak: Click for Large Image)

(Pictures of Old Studio)


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