Glenn Beck - Restoring Love - July 28, 2012

On July 28, 2012, Glenn Beck filled Dallas Cowboys stadium. In collabortion with pianist/composer Clyde Bawden and Orchestrator Lisle Moore, I helped create the orchestral music for two videos, underscore for the keynote speech, and the Theme Anthem. Anyone who loves America, believes it has been a blessed and exceptoinal nation, and believes it's greatest days should be yet to come will be inspired and well taught by Glenn's message. It was an amazing experience being part of that, working closely with Glenn, Clyde, and Lisle for five months creating just the right music to deliver that message. For more Restoring Love links, go here.

Glenn's Keynote Speech (43 Minutes) (Link)

Opening Video - History of America (9 Minutes) (Link)

John Winthrop Voyage Across the Atlantic (5 Minutes) (Link)

Alex Boye Singing the National Anthem (3 Minutes) (Link)


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